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Book Review of Fierce Eden

Fierce Eden
Fierce Eden
Author: Jennifer Blake
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Elise Laffont is a beautiful, yet cold young woman. Only twenty-five, she is a widow running her small farm. The farm gives her happiness, even though the men at Fort Rosalie ensure Elise she can't run it properly or successfully without a man by her side. But Elise has hardened her heart toward men. After her husband treated her badly, abusive and mocking, she has no wish for another to touch her or her them.

Reynaud Chevalier is half Natchez and half French, so he pretty much gets a bad rap, even though he is a fierce warrior and easy on the eyes. The moment his eyes alight on Elise he is curious and also instantly wants her. She raises her chin defiantly toward him and that is that.

But when Fort Rosalie and the surrounding areas are attacked by the Natchez, Elise manages to escape to the forest with a few other survivors. Reynaud offers to help the small party to a safe destination if Elise agrees to become his bed companion. Talk about caught between a rock and a hard place!!

Reynaud takes things slow as he realizes that Elise is skittish and afraid, but she eventually cannot contain the passion and desire she has for him. But the Reynaud is named the new war chief for the Natchez, he takes Elise with him to the camp and she tries valiently to fit in. But with the French attacking the tribe, what sort of future can the two of them from two different lifes foresee?

Filled with passion, wonderful character development against a rich tapestry of history and a war, Fierce Eden is a delectable way to spend an afternoon. Well paced, compelling, and delightfully satisfying, romance lovers are sure to enjoy this one!