Book Review of The Accidental Bestseller

The Accidental Bestseller
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The concept of this book pulled me in from the start a book about authors writing a book about authors! As a reader who is also interested in the industry, the insight from inside was both fascinating and valuable: I dont think Ill ever romanticize the idea of becoming an author again after reading this fictionalized account of what it takes to become published.

The four major characters in this novel feel like friends to the reader from early on. Mallory is that person that has everything so together you almost dislike her. Tanya feels like the polar opposite, the friend you know is struggling but is too proud to ever accept your help. Faye is the almost motherly friend you want to turn to when you need someone to cry with. And Kendall has such focused motivation, you want her around to help you find the good in yourself when you dont believe in it. This makes it all the more difficult as things start imploding and the book they write together has consequences no one intended or ever imagined.

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