Book Review of The Hungry Ocean : A Swordboat Captain's Journey

The Hungry Ocean : A Swordboat Captain's Journey
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I enjoyed this book quite a bit. From the publicity of the book and movie "A Perfect Storm" I was familiar with the author, and I knew before I opened this book that it was written by someone intensely familiar with the subject matter, basically the fishing industry. While Linda Greenlaw was already an interesting character in my mind, this book confirms that. The book is basically a documentation of a typical fishing trip with a few flashbacks to her unique and I would say almost idyllic childhood as well as her early career as a fisherman. When she tells her story of this current fishing trip, it is obvious that she knows what she is talking about. What is surprising is her talent for writing - even someone unfamiliar with commercial fishing will be able to follow her description of the entire process of a fishing trip, and appreciate the technical, scientific and human relations sides of this amazing job.

All in all, a very well-written book about an intensely interesting subject. I;m looking forward to reading her other book, "The Lobster Chronicles"