Book Review of The Bear and the Dragon (Jack Ryan, Bk 10)

The Bear and the Dragon (Jack Ryan, Bk 10)
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A classic Tom Clancy and another Jack Ryan: President Jack Ryan faces a world crisis. A assassination attempt on a high level politician sends anti-terrorism specialist John Clark to Moscow. This is a major conflict between two super powers; Russia and China. It took me a chapter or two to get the feel for this one, but after that, you would have had to pry my hands off this book. A close look at each country's military technology and intelligence. You military guys will love this book, but so will the ladies, I know I did. This is a thrilling story with a super plot and action on every page! It made me a Tom Clancy fan. I didn't realize I started at the rear end of a series! (this novel stands alone, don't feel you have to read the previous books) Needless to say-I went back and found the others and read them too. You will learn a lot about how politics, government and the military function-up front and behind the scenes! I wish Tom Clancy had been my history teacher!