Book Review of A Fatal Grace (Three Pines, Bk 2)

A Fatal Grace (Three Pines, Bk 2)
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I just finished this, the 2nd in the series, and liked it just as much, if not more than Still Life. I found it more difficult to figure out who the killer was early on, which I like. And even after I HAD figured it out, there came a moment or two at the end when I no longer felt so sure. Very satisfying! However, I am wondering where all of the mystery about Gamache and his underlings is headed. Is he about to be demoted from his position as Chief Inspector? If so, why?? Who exactly is it that is conspiring against him, and does it relate to his oft hinted at past when he went against police tradition to bring some dirty cops to justice? All of this happened off-stage so to speak, before the series began. Not all of it has been explained or told of, just yet. And, most vexing of all, what is Yvette Nichol up to, the nasty little creature? I hate being left with more questions than answers, but so it goes. I guess I'll just have to read the next in line. Oh dear, more very late nights.