Book Review of Three

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I can only hope that my one star rating will help nudge this book's overall rating below 4 stars because as it stands now it is severely inflated and misleading...So much so that initially I had no doubt in my mind that I would find some level of enjoyment in the book. My dear PaperBackSwap friends, this is the first time you have lead me astray.

I'm not a book snob by any means, and typically I can find at least something enjoyable with each book I crack open, but this is by far the worst book I've read in ages. As I sit hear reading through all of the 4 and 5 star reviews I shake my head and wonder if we were reading the same book?

A few things that really bothered me about this book (without giving away the story for all of you poor misguided souls who managed to read this review and STILL decide to read this book):

- Dekker must have loved M. Night Shyamalan's "The Sixth Sense" so much so that he decided to fill a 352 page novel with a gazillion plot twists. I'm all for a good twist here and there but Teddy you went severely overboard with this book. By about page 225 it grew tiresome and I really didn't care anymore. Hell, the only reason I finished reading the book was simply because I'm not one to leave a book semi-read, regardless of how horrific it is.

- Teddy please listen closely to this one. Grown adults do not call someone that they despise and want to murder a "puke face" in an attempt to insult them. Now I understand that you are a Christian author but if you want to be taken even somewhat seriously in a book like this the least you could do was throw in a good "asshole", "bitch", or "mother fucker" every once and a while.

- Finally (trust me I could go on and on and on but I've already devoted way too much time to this atrocity already), the story is just plain ridiculous. Once all the dust settles, and the gazillion twists are untwisted, Teddy haphazardly tries to make all of the events seem credible but to no avail.

A few good things about this book:

- I did find the story of Kevin's strange upbringing somewhat intriguing, but that was before Teddy ruined it all. Damn you Teddy.

- It's a quick read so while it will definitely be a waste of your time it won't waste too much time. That's a plus right?