Book Review of The Call of Earth (Homecoming, Bk 2)

The Call of Earth (Homecoming, Bk 2)
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I love how Card can weave the intricate web of a story.

This is exactly what he does in book two of the Homecoming series.

Before you even have made it halfway through this story, you know without a doubt that all of these characters are connected; not only because they're in the same city, but because the Oversoul has brought them together.

I think this book comes in at a close second (in terms of overall quality) to the first in the series, in my opinion.

In this book, you begin to hear a different side to all of the main characters in this story, mainly all of the women (Rasa, Hushiduh, Luet, Kokor, Sevet and Shedemei). Sadly, Eiadh is left out and you're only re-introduced to her once she **spoiler alert** marries Elemak.

You also become familiar more so with Nafai and his relationship with his oldest brother, Elemak. You begin to hear a lot more of Elemak's thoughts and you become more aquainted with the anger he holds in his heart for Nafai.

If you want to read a book that touches not only on the basic morality of humanity, but also applies itself to a lot of the social issues we have today, go ahead and read this book. It was very good.