Book Review of The Bookshop on the Corner

The Bookshop on the Corner
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This was recommended by a friend who read it for her book club. Marvelous tale about a librarian, obsessed with books,who is let go from her job in England,and dares to try something new in her life. She travels to Scotland, buys an old van and converts it into a bookshop, and moves to the little town where she bought the van. She has a best friend of a roommate in England that cheers her on all through the story. Two railroad train engineers, who help her bring her stash of books into Scotland. One she has a romantic flirtation with. And the curmudgeonly owner of a ranch where she is renting a place to live , who finally starts to come around buy the end of the story. If you like âtake me awayâ stories, this is for you!