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Book Review of My Zombie Valentine: Bring Out Your Dead / Gentlemen Prefer Voodoo / Zombiewood Confidential / Every Part of You

My Zombie Valentine: Bring Out Your Dead / Gentlemen Prefer Voodoo / Zombiewood Confidential / Every Part of You
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Read only for the Angie Fox Story:

Here we meet Amie, a voodoo mambo who owns her own voodoo store in New Orleans and hasnt had a date in 9 years. She also inhereted her mothers adorable bird like dragon creature (a Kongamato named Isoke) who is to watch over her. When he convinces her to take a chance and find love she invokes a voodoo spell and the man of her dreams shows up on her door step (butt-naked and very willing to make her happy). The only problem is that hes been dead for almost 200 years, however he seems very much alive.

Amie is determined to make right what she has done wrong, and put him back in his grave where he belongs. Dante does his best to prove to her just how dead he is by taking her to his grave site. They encounter a couple of demons, and Dante gets injured protecting Amie. When they return to her house He reads in her voodoo book that he has only 3 days to convince Amie to return his love for her, otherwise he will be dead forever. After being rejected by his first love and wife, (and murdered in the process) Dante would rather die again than be rejected by Amie (his one true love) Will they both succeed in finding true love?????

This was a cute story, with yet another talking creature (who resembled Pirate from the Demon Slayer series) Isoke was by far the best voice/character in the story. However the timeline on the fallig in love aspect was a litle too far fetched. But for a short story it seemed to fit. I expected a little more from this author. This could have been a good full length novel if the author had chosen to do so.

Im not a huge fan of short stories, and I did try to read the first story my Katie MacAlister, but I couldnt get into it. It almost felt like it was a short story to be fit into some other novels which I have not read, so I didnt understand the back-story. There was also alot of speaking in french, which I also did not undertand, so I gave up after the first 2 chapters.

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