Book Review of The Beach Trees

The Beach Trees
The Beach Trees
Author: Karen White
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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THE BEACH TREES was my first time reading Karen White. I'd seen so much about her books everywhere, and heard raves from some of my buddies in The Reading Cove who love her books, that I scooped this up and was eager to dive in.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed in how predictable and formulaic the plot was. You could see relationships coming a mile away, so there was no real tension in the bickering and head-butting two of the main characters did for much of the book.

The way the family mystery unfolded was very cheesy with the older woman saying things like, "Oh, that's a long story. You'll have to come back tomorrow if you want to know more..."

The structure of the story got in the way of the story itself, which was bogged down by time and place details that were overmuch. A lot of the detail was totally overindulgent and no doubt added 100 or so extra pages to the book.

I can't say it was the worst, but it was average at best for me, a C read.