Book Review of Atlas Shrugged (Audio Cassette) (Abridged)

Atlas Shrugged  (Audio Cassette) (Abridged)
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Atlas Shrugged is a best-selling novel by Ayn Rand, first published in
> 1957. The book describes a heroic struggle between the "individuals
> of the mind" who go on strike against the "moochers" and "looters" of
> the world. The heroine, Dagny Taggart, is a no-nonsense railroad
> manager who does not take fools lightly. She is pursued by three
> brilliant and charming men and finally joins them in withdrawing her
> services from a world that does not appreciate or reward people of
> genius and initiative. As a result of the successful strike the
> economy collapses and they begin to rebuild a world based on sound
> philosophical principles.
> The original of this book is over 1,000 pages in length. This
> recorded abridgement, on eight cassettes, captures the drama and
> excitement that made Rand's text a best seller in an entertaining
> format. The reading is excellent, with different voices for the main
> characters. Rand's philosophical ideas are there, but are not
> obtrusive.