Book Review of Key of Light (Key, Bk 1)

Key of Light (Key, Bk 1)
Key of Light (Key, Bk 1)
Author: Nora Roberts
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 11

What an interesting storyline. The basic plot takes place in Pleasant Valley, PA and focuses on three women brought together presumably for a party/reception at an old mansion-Warrior's Peak. Malory Price, Dana Steele, and Zoe McCourt, strangers prior to this meeting, have no clue as to what they are about to embark upon. Their hosts - Rowena and Pitte welcome them to the "party of three" and that is when they are presented with the challenge of the three keys, the purpose of which is to find them and unlock the souls of the three demi-mortal-goddesses, put into a "Sleeping Beauty-type" slumber by the evil Kane centuries ago. While discussing the task at hand, all three women are faced with a beautiful and very old portrait of the demi-mortal goddesses and coincidentally the goddesses resemble Malory, Dana and Zoe. Each girl will receive $25,000 up front to take on the challenge and, if all three keys are found, they will then each receive $1,000,000. If the first one fails, the entire task is over and they lose a year of their lives. If the first key is found, then they move onto the next, each having one full month to achieve their goal. Again, even if they are successful with finding the first key, and they do not find the second or then the third, each subsequent failure results in the end of the search with the resulting loss of time in their lives. "Key of Light" is Malory's and Flynn's story and the search for the first key. To summarize the romance point, suffice it to say that there are three very handsome men connected to the story, each getting drawn into the quest for uncovering the whereabouts of the keys through their involvement with the three "chosen" women. It was really nice knowing the story wasn't over at the end of the book. "Key of Knowledge" picks up right where this story leaves off and the reader is treated to the continuing saga of the mystery. This trilogy is Nora at her best. If you enjoy her writing technique, you will definitely become immersed in the "key trilogy" to distinguish what is real, what appears to be real and what is fantasy.