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Book Review of No Greater Joy, Volume Two

No Greater Joy, Volume Two
reviewed Happy,confident children on
Helpful Score: 4

While I do not agree with all of the methods the Pearls advocate, they are probably the most loving, caring, devoted parents I have ever met.Just look at their grown children and you will see what a bunch of hogwash the previous review is.THe Pearls love,love LOVE kids!! Their main message throughout their books, especially no greater joy volume three,is to spend time with your children, nurturing them emotionally,physically, and spiritually.I suggest taht anyone who is not sure should go to their website, no greater joy.org and the proof will be there.I think it is possible to implement everything they are saying (about joy,love,teaching) without using any physical punishment.It really is NOT their focus.The first article in the No Greater Joy volume 3 is all about Joy.You have to be joyful for your children.You have to spend time "tying strings," or connecting with your children.I do think the first book in their series(To Train Up A child) could be dangerous if you are not a balanced person-meaning you would not want to just 'go by the book' in your discipline style.In fact, I do not suggest reading the first book. Skip right to the "No Greater Joy" volumes where the Pearls' message is expressed better(esp. vol 3).But if you can take the main message from their books you will do more good for your children than you will from reading the 5,000 other books out there, written for parents by a bunch of psychologists who don't even have kids!!!!I have nine of my own happy, smiling children and I highly recommend the Pearls' books. If you visit their website you can also subscribe to their free newsletter.

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