Book Review of Wishing on Willows

Wishing on Willows
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You know that feeling of finding a great book? The kind of book whose characters ride the tide of your emotions and pull so deeply on the heart strings that they just might be real people?

What a minute? Who says they arent?

Dont answer that.

My point? Some books have thatthat star quality that make them soar. Wishing on Willows has that quality and so much more.

Its hard to fit this book into the right box because there isnt one out there labeled specifically for it. I wouldnt say its a romancethough its such a sweet love story. A love story between Robin and her son. Ian and Robin. Bethany and Evan. The older couple who visit the diner. Amanda and Jason. I wouldnt call it womens fiction, though there are strong elements of that genre woven all through the story.

Would I call it perfect? Pretty close to it. Its a delicate symmetry, a balance between lyrical writing and character emotions and actions that make them so incredible loveable. I think Ian had the ability to melt my heart more times than should be allowed through the story.

There is a talent for story woven so perfectly through this novel that its like taking a deep breath and not needing to breathe again. I left myself behind and joined their lives.

Now that is good storytelling

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the author for my copy to review.