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Book Review of Kill the Messenger

Kill  the  Messenger
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When bike messenger Jace Damon gets a call from the dispatcher telling him to pick up a package at Attorney Lenny Lowell' office for delivery, he doesn't know how much his life is going to change. It's a cold, rainy night and Jace just wants to go home. Jace picks up the package from Lenny and tries to make the drop; but someone else wants the package. He is chased, beaten, and shot at, finally hiding in an alley until the gunman goes away. Making his way back to Lenny's office to return the package, he finds that Lenny has been murdered. The police have cordoned off the area and Jace is their number one suspect.

Detective Kev Parker is assigned the case. Lenny has a lot of enemies, but the clues are pointing straight to the bike messenger who was at the office earlier in the evening. But Kev has his doubts. When the elite Robbery/Homicide Division detectives shows up at the scene, he knows something is up. They would not be interested in the death of a sleazy attorney unless it ties to one of their cases. But RHD isn't talking.

Jace isn't about to talk to the cops and tell them what he knows. He has lived off-the-grid for several years, taking care of his ten-year-old brother since their mother died. He is afraid that the cops will put his brother in foster care and throw him in jail.

How did I miss reading this book when it came out? This is an action-packed story that I couldn't put down. We know there is a man chasing Jace, trying to get the package that he still has on him. But who hired this man and what does that package contain? My rating: 5 Stars.

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