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Book Review of The Cases That Haunt Us

The Cases That Haunt Us
The Cases That Haunt Us
Author: John Douglas, Mark Olshaker
Genre: Law
Book Type: Hardcover
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This book is a very very good read, not to "techie" with all the cop talk, its very well written even a layman who never read a book like this before would understand.

Covers famous cases such as Jack the Ripper, Zodiac, Black Dahlia among others and gives you everything from the basic story, to all the evidence so you can almost attempt at guessing "who dunnit" - but all these cases are unsolved so there is no guilty party mentioned.

John Douglas gives a no holds barred non judgemental approach to all the cases and quite simply tells it how it looks to him and his 20+ years experance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am very glad my wife found it for me, otherwise I would have missed out on this fantastic read.

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