Book Review of Secret Vampire (Night World, Bk 1)

Secret Vampire (Night World, Bk 1)
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A friend recommended this book and I immediately requested it from Paperbackswap.com.

Interesting story. On the very first day of summer vacation, 16-year-old Poppy was told she was going to die. And die painfully. She had an incurable cancer. But James, her very best friend in the world could save Poppy. First, he has to break a few rules, like telling her that he wasn't an average teenager, but a vampire, a member of the Night World. Then he wants to turn her into a vampire. While it will save her life, it will mean giving up her family.

A very typical teenage romance, sprinkled with supernatural beings. Some pieces of dialogue seem to make no sense whatsoever but other than that, it was a pretty typical story; an easy read. I like the aspects of it well enough that I plan on reading the second book.