Book Review of The Pretender (Liar's Club, Bk 1)

The Pretender (Liar's Club, Bk 1)
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Love, love, love this series. Hot romance, great humor, suspenseful plots - it's pretty much exactly what any woman needs on her shelf for rainy days. 'The Pretender' is the first book in The Liar's Club series, featuring a group of men working as undercover agents for the Crown (and the Royal Four, but that's a whole other series). The main cast of characters interact with each other throughout the whole series, so it does help to read them more or less in order.

In 'The Pretender', Agatha Cunnington has come to London to search for her missing brother, James. Simon Rain, head of The Liar's Club, is also looking for James. James is a fellow spy (something Agatha is unaware of) and Simon believes that he has turned traitor with some tragic results.

In order to make her life in London easier, Agatha has acquired a fake husband, and when she needs to produce a flesh and blood man, she ends up with Simon. Simon, meanwhile, is convinced that Agatha is actually James' mistress. He moves in to her house, and she undertakes his 'civilization'. This major misunderstanding is taken care of about two thirds of the way through the story, but there are more twists and turns to come.

The book is lots of fun and an easy, well-written read. It helps if you have a large block of time to devote to it, because it was not easy to put down once I got started!