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Book Review of Always Time to Die (St. Kilda Consulting, Bk 1)

Always Time to Die (St. Kilda Consulting, Bk 1)
writrchick1985 avatar reviewed surprise ending.... but it's a little too abrupt on + 20 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 5

This is the first book I've read by this author. The imagery is vivid, especially in the opening murder scene. The characters are likeable--even the bad guy seems human and fallible but not really all that bad until the end. Also, I have to say, as an avid reader and a writer myself, I did not expect the big reveal in the epilogue which is unusual for me. It's a pretty good twist.
However, throughout the story the bad guy is kind of obvioustheres no real mystery, unless you count his motive. The last chapter just kind of ends abruptly and leaves you a little off kilter before it launches you into the epilogue, which takes place two months after the rest of the story. One minute the hero and heroine are sitting around talking about DNA testing and then all of a sudden the book jumps two months forward in time as if the author was suddenly sick of writing and decided to end the book. That was a little annoying, especially when you're expecting some sort of stand-off.
For the most part it was a good enough read that if I happen upon another of Lowell's books, I'll probably pick it up.

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