Book Review of Message to Aztlan: Selected Writings (Hispanic Civil Rights)

Message to Aztlan: Selected Writings (Hispanic Civil Rights)
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I bought it from the sale shelf at this branch library on the strength of someone's wish.
Flipping through it, I found nothing about getting along with other people, which we on the Coast did well at from the 19th C. onward until things changed when the Immigration Act of 1965 brought folks here who do not want to work alongside others not of their particular descent. Unfortunately, those already here do not seem to have clued the newcomers in on getting along. Thus I visited my friend in Boyle Heights a couple of times a month after we both moved in 1956 and 1957, when it was a well mixed neighborhood with Latinos, Chinos, Negros, y Anglos, but now virtually all but the former have been run off. Note the make up of Roosevelt High (LAUSD). And when taking the Whittier Blvd. local bus from this library, I have been purposely hit in the face three times by duffle bags so far this year. Vets of US military service are not liked here....
Is this what Corky Gonzales worked hard to bring about?
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