Book Review of Doc and Fluff: The Dystopian Tale of a Girl and Her Biker

Doc and Fluff: The Dystopian Tale of a Girl and Her Biker
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Wild adventure story set in a dystopian near-future America. War, nuclear strikes, mass migrations, and ravaging diseases have left behind a barren anarchic landscape ruled by brutal biker gangs and a few tenacious and well-armed communes.

Butchest of the butch, Doc rides her beloved Medusa alone through the burned out urban wilderness, her trading contacts and well-respected skills as a field medic giving her diplomatic immunity among the hyper-violent biker gangs. Prez, leader of a strong and stable gang, had been a prickly but respectful ally of Doc for years. But when she rescues Fluff, a young woman Prez had been holding as his personal property, he plunges into an abyss of Ahab-like rage as all of his vicious sexual desires become unglued. He flogs his reluctant gang into a maddened pursuit of the two fugitives as they flee toward the uncertain refuge of an all-female fortress/commune, hoping the Harpies' friendship with Doc will be enough to persuade them to enter a gang war for her sake. But resolution may come in an unexpected way when Prez finds his madness and crazed desires matched by the smouldering fury of the witch doctor woman who herself holds the Harpies' true chief as a slave.

This tale is very well written and contains excellent character creation, but readers should be advised it contains some rather exceptionally graphic violence including grisly torture and explicit BDSM adult scenes.