Book Review of Almost a Gentleman

Almost a Gentleman
Almost a Gentleman
Author: Pam Rosenthal
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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I read a good review of this author's most recent book (this title is her first book) and thought I'd give her a try.

I did not like the device she used in the first few pages to quickly and awkwardly explain the backstory of how Phoebe becomes Phizz. What I don't think is ever really mentioned in depth until very late in the book is the WHY of the matter. At times I warmed up to the story only to be set back by some misstep in the setting or dialog, or the direction of the plot. And, I liked the Earl much better than Phoebe, and never did understand what he saw in her.

Parts of this story just did not fit with other parts and that threw me off. Also I've heard this author's writings termed "erotica" but I didn't find them in any way erotic. There was goodly amount of sex and the scenes were nicely done, but just using certain graphic words does not make a book "erotica".

All in all, I thought it was a nicely done first effort and am going to read more of this author.