Book Review of Maggie Bean Stays Afloat (Maggie Bean, Bk 2)

Maggie Bean Stays Afloat (Maggie Bean, Bk 2)
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Maggie hasn't eaten chocolate in 92 days. She's in great shape thanks to her newfound love of swimming. Plus, her days at Pound Patrollers are coming to an end, or so she thinks.

She and Arnie are asked to help create a Pound Patroller program for kids. In addition, Maggie also becomes a summer camp swim instructor. Soon, she's hanging out with other swim instructors and becoming one of the in crowd.

Will she blow off her old friends to become a popular girl?

The second novel starring Maggie Bean shows her inner struggle as she tries to find her comfort zone in her new body. Her frustrations and dilemmas make you want to laugh and cry along with her.