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Book Review of 1 Dead in Attic: Post Katrina

1 Dead in Attic: Post Katrina
1 Dead in Attic: Post Katrina
Author: Chris Rose
Genre: History
Book Type: Paperback
imapugmom avatar reviewed on + 18 more book reviews

This book is very interesting. I purchased this during a Hurricane Katrina relief trip I was on. Having seen the destruction months later and reading this book put so much in perspective.

It is a book that helps put a face and a name to every individual that lost their lifes in New Orleans during the disaster. It shows the people were more than numbers, but the numbers were so high that dealing with it was a struggle in many respects.

I would highly suggest this to anyone interested in learning about the personal toll Katrina took on the people of New Orleans.

It is also a great history book for older high school students. Kids today see so much violence in games and on TV that they've become desensitized to it. This book brings back the realities of pain and that there are real people dealing with it.