Book Review of American Sphinx : The Character of Thomas Jefferson

American Sphinx : The Character of Thomas Jefferson
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I struggled to get through this book, but now that the struggle is over --- I'm glad I waded through it. I learned quite a bit about Thomas Jefferson. The author doesn't sugar-coat Jefferson's personal foibles, or political thoughts.

I learned more about Jefferson's life and about the formative year of America as a nation during and after the Revolution. Ellis focuses on some key chapters in Jefferson's life and explores the contradictory actions/thoughts/writings produced during those periods.

While it was slow going for me at times, (I think the extensive quotations from Jeffersan hiscotemporary political figures slowed down the reading.) I am glad to have finished it. I think it was a fair look at the multi-faceted man that today is too often held up as a one dimensional cardboard cut-out used to suit political whims.