Book Review of Mean High Tide (Thorn, Bk 3)

Mean High Tide (Thorn, Bk 3)
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Like Hall's last few books, this one is set in the seamy Florida Keys; here the brooding hero, Thorn, is out to avenge the murder of his girlfriend, Darcy. While searching for clues, Thorn stumbles on a potential environmental nightmare: someone is breeding a strain of aggressive "superfish," which would multiply at a tremendous rate and endanger the survival of other forms of marine life. With the help of his amiable ex-cop buddy Sugarman, Thorn encounters an array of bizarre characters, not the least of which is Sylvie, a slinky femme fatale who may or may not be a victim of child sexual abuse. Sylvie seduces men she thinks will be a match for her formidable ex-CIA dad, Harden Winchester, who has a hand in the breeding of the superfish. When confronted with a straightforward, no-nonsense character like Thorn, the initially tantalizing Sylvie becomes a bit tiresome, acting the little girl and referring to herself in the third person. Others in this family affair include Sylvie's long-lost mother and former mafioso grandfather; indeed, during his climactic encounter with seemingly invincible Harden (Hall likes to choose meaningful character names: Thorn, Harden, Sugarman, etc.), Thorn discovers all the horrific secrets about the Winchester family. "Mean High Tide" is a terrific ride through the Everglades, with strong (although broadly drawn) characters, an intriguing environmentalist plot, and a chain of events that will keep the reader guessing.

What People Are Saying
Rich in atmosphere, wild in action and peppered with colorful characters, Hall nails you to each page until the suspense-laden climax.

- Clive Cussler
An engrossing, spellbinding, and truly different work; a thriller with real thrills!

- Nelson De Mille