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Book Review of Coyote's Mate (Breeds, Bk 18)

Coyote's Mate (Breeds, Bk 18)
Coyote's Mate (Breeds, Bk 18)
Author: Lora Leigh
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
Ginger10 avatar reviewed on + 35 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 6

I really wanted to like this book, but while I think there will be many that truly enjoy it - I didn't. There was just way too much angst and emotional turmoil that went on for far too long for me. The hero hurts the heroine over and over and over again by betraying and treating her badly in the beginning, then through not supporting or trusting her throughout most of the book. It's like the author took every viable opportunity (and ploy possible) to ramp up the tension level and believe me, she succeeded. The thing is, the hero did truly care about the heroine but was TSTL when it came to how he treated her (except in bed, thankfully). He just made one mistake after another - as in give me a break! Yes, it was a typically hot Lora Leigh novel, but I just couldn't enjoy it with all the overlying tension and the heroine's palpable distress! At one point, I wanted - to not even throw, but to heave the darn book against the wall.

To Lora Leigh's credit, this book is a definite success as far as drawing you in and keeping the tension level high, but the degree and type of tension is just not my personal cuppa. With that being said, though, if you're a die hard LL fan, you definitely won't want to miss this one. Read it - who knows, you may love it!

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