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Book Review of The Gold and the Glory

The Gold and the Glory
The Gold and the Glory
Author: Chet Cunningham
Book Type: Paperback
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This is listed as a Western, but takes place in California and the South Pacific. Yes, California is the West, but a Western is generally about the spread of settlement to the west, which this had nothing to do with.

What makes the book horrible is that the main character is raped several times through the course of the book, but more than half the times, she decides she likes it and enjoys herself! I hope no young men read this and believe that women can't help but want sex once you've started raping them! Besides that, she is apparently the sexiest woman alive, with nearly every man wanting to bed her, and bargains for escape with her body on a few occasions as well. (As she is kidnapped often too.) I can't really see the point to the story. No character grows(or really even has a personality), no stunning epiphanies occur...don't waste your time.