Book Review of Life of Pi

Life of Pi
Life of Pi
Author: Yann Martel
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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My head hurts. This book makes me think WAY too much. The first 100 pages were a real snooze fest for me. I knew most of the religious facts and it the text was VERY heavy. I used it to fall asleep to two nights in a row.

The problem? From there it gets really good... so I read the next 200 pages late into the night last night. My overall impression is that the book is entirely too wordy, it's heavy readying that doesn't always flow through the mind easily. I felt like I had to digest this book paragraph by paragraph instead of chapter by chapter.

This is not a book I would have usually read (in fact, I'm going to be reading a nice mindless Patterson book to scrub my brain clean after this one) *laugh*


I, of course, believe the 2nd story, the one that's more plausible. My big problem is that I can't get past the meerkat bones that were left in the boat. Perhaps they were some other animal's bones? Pi seemed so sure they would be tested and proven to be meerkats though...

I'm also having problems figuring out the island and Richard Parker. Was Richard Parker Pi? God? He found the strange island while recovering from blindness. I know there's some significance to that, but I can't figure it out. Perhaps it represented him at first giving himself up to death, then maybe seeing it for what it was (he "found" his own teeth) and the drive to continue on.

One other thing... the other guy that the tiger killed. The other blind man in the boat. Who was that? Everyone was dead by that point except the tiger. ARGGGHHH....