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Book Review of After Midnight (Lords of Midnight, Bk 1)

After Midnight (Lords of Midnight, Bk 1)
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Helpful Score: 11

Fast read. Words floated right off the page. Kept my attention from page one to page 370. Did not see the twists and turns coming, very pleased that Mrs Medeiros had me fooled. Loved the relationship between Caroline and her sisters. Loved the instant chemistry between Caroline and Adrian. Not as much fluff as I expected, which I really appreciated. I'm not as much a romance reader as I am a vampire reader, so I really appreciated being spared the contrived and gag inducing romance dialogue that some romance books have.

This book is a 4 star book for me. The lack of five stars is because I'm a little disappointed in the revelations as the book is coming to a close. Not a fault of the book or the author, it's just for us die hard vampire enthusiasts, this one isn't what you think you're getting into. Not wanting to give anything away, I thought I was getting into a good sexy vampire story and it's not quite that (the vampire part not the sexy part... it has just the right amount of sexy) But I was pleasantly surprised with how Medeiros weaves the vampire into the story, but he does not take center stage in this book.

Vamp lovers and romance lovers alike it is my opinion that you'll love this book and the author. Definitely worthy of trading on PBS!