Book Review of Life of Pi

Life of Pi
Life of Pi
Author: Yann Martel
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 1

Another reviewer coined the term "magical realism" to describe this book and that is the most fitting epithet that I can think of. The author challenges you with a bizarre and captivating story yet the narrative is always an authentic, beliveable voice.

The book is in three parts, with the major action occurring in the middle part. The beginning did not seem slow or dull to me, but it seemed to be the introduction to a good tale, a journey to be enjoyed, not rushed through. If you aren't aware of what is coming in the middle section, you won't be tempted to view that as the main action of the book, and the events will be as much a shock to you as they are to the Pi, the main character.

Yann Martel's prose is fascinating. His words are a pleasure to read and are the magic carpet that allow you to suspend disbelief and enter fully into the world he has created. If you enjoy well-crafted writing, this book will be a treat.