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Book Review of The Seduction of Water

The Seduction of Water
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This book did not enthrall me at all. REading other reviews, it seems that a lot of people think Goodman's other books are better. If so, it's too bad I read this one first, as I'm not sure if I will give anything else by her a try or not.

Some of the reviews of this book (on the cover and in publication stuff) call this book a "thriller." That is most certainly is not - whoever uses that description does not know the difference between a thriller and a mystery. This is a mystery....but for me, one that I cared less and less about as time went on. It started out okay, but it was hard to care much about any of the characters (including the protaganist) except for Aidan. After about 200 pages, to be honest I really didn't care at all about the "mystery," what happened to Iris' mother or any of the other plot lines. Everything moved SO slowly and painfully that honestly, I had to force myself to even finish this book.