Book Review of Feel the Heat (Black Ops, Bk 4)

Feel the Heat (Black Ops, Bk 4)
Feel the Heat (Black Ops, Bk 4)
Author: Cindy Gerard
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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It's been awhile since I visited the boys of Black Ops and it only took a page or two before I wondered how I could have been so remiss! Ms Gerard is the consummate author if one wants well-written suspense. It is obvious she takes time to research and acquaint herself thoroughly with whatever subject she is tackling whether that of terrorists tactics, drug cartels, military munitions or any one of the vast and varied subjects we, as readers, get to learn about in each of her novels. The genius of Gerard shows through, however, because we don't feel bogged down by the information but rather enlightened by it. It flows with the story so flawlessly that it all makes sense while adding to the angst of the suspense.

The romance aspect in this installment was the only thing that didn't click for me this time around. I have loved Raphael since his introduction books ago. B.J., however, was a hard nut for me to crack. Her ice-queen coldness just didn't cut it for me because that is all the reader gets to see. We are told of her vulnerability but never get to actually understand and sympathize with it enough to make her deserving of the love Raphael gifts her with. She was harsh and rude throughout the entire story with only a weak explanation of an alcoholic mother and a deceased father. Many people have experienced much worse in life and still retain some measure of kindness!

Surprisingly enough the overall quality of the book succeeded in surpassing the disappointing love story in this one - truly a feat for one who usually requires the relationships be believable before awarding anything above a three star.