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Book Review of Zoo

perryfran avatar reviewed on + 1174 more book reviews

OK, this wasn't on a par with Faulkner or even Michael Crichton, however, I found it to be quite a page-turner as usual from Patterson, et al. This was not his usual fare, being an environmental sci-fi thriller rather than the usual mystery/crime novel (i.e. Alex Cross), but it still kept my interest. The premise was that the world's animals are suddenly going berserk and start attacking humans in swarms like insects. It is up to Oz, a suedo-biologist who dropped out of college, to convince the scientific community as well as the government of the threat and come up with a solution. Of course, no one wants to listen and people do not want to take the necessary steps to reverse what has affected the animals. Surprise, surprise! I would give this a mild recommendation but if you want a good novel in this genre, stick to Crichton.