Book Review of Above the Thunder

Above the Thunder
Above the Thunder
Author: Renee Manfredi
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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A very engrossing story by first time novelist; great cast of characters, well defined and believable; Anna, the main female; her grand daughter that she's met for the first time; Jack and Stuart, a gay couple, one who finds out he is HIV positive because of his hard to control libido; Marvin, Anna's son in law & father to Flynn (the granddaughter)who brings Flynn to stay with her grandma in hopes that Anna will keep her and finish bringing her up.
Flynn is into spirits, reincarnation, past lives...a beautiful, enchanting, and very troubled 9 year old girl.
Renee Manfredi weaves a tale that will pull the reader in
and keep her or him enthralled.