Book Review of The Black Box (Harry Bosch, Bk 18)

The Black Box (Harry Bosch, Bk 18)
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Harry Bosch is back! Harry returns to investigate a crime that dates back twenty years. We start with flashback to the LA Riots when Harry and his partner go to a crime scene where I woman is dead. With so many deaths happening, they cannot commit as much time as they would like, which continued to bother Harry ever since.

The victim is a reporter from Denmark. It is believed she was in town to cover the riots, but there is so much more to her being there and thats what Harry has to find out.

The story flows really well. We also get to see Harry interact with his daughter a bit more then I remember from previous novels, which is good, cause it shows a different side of Harry.

If you have enjoyed the series thus far, then I believe you will enjoy this one.