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Book Review of Maid Marian : A Novel

Maid Marian : A Novel
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For many of us Maid Marian was part of the band headed by Robin Hood but it appears that she does not appear in the earliest ballads of Robin Hood. Wikipedia states that 'she appears to have originally been a character in May Games festivities (held during May and early June, most commonly around Whitsun)... and is sometimes associated with the Queen or Lady of May or May Day." "Both a "Robin" and a "Marian" character were associated with May Day by the 15th century, but these figures were apparently part of separate traditions; the Marian of the May Games is likely derived from the French tradition of a shepherdess named Marion and her shepherd lover Robin." Hence, even though the book I have is labeled historical I am calling it historical fiction.

This tale is the story of a noblewoman whose character is determined to live her own life rather than that of a wife dictated by her father or others for political reasons. After losing her first husband she is betrothed to his brother, again for political reasons. In this story she is rescued by Robin Hood on the day of her wedding and she joins his merry band. It is some time before she realizes she is in love with Robin as the adventures of the two unravel in the book. It's a fun, fun read.