Book Review of People of the Lie

People of the Lie
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Interesting perspective, one I'd never heard of. I'm not sure I completely agree with Peck's definition of evil - or at least not that all of the "people of the lie" are evil. I do highly recommend this book, however. I learned so much and changed some of my former beliefs when Peck brought up his case studies (the names of his patients were changed) and explained them in detail. It was fascinating and too bad all parents don't read it to see the constant pattern of mistakes, manipulative mindsets & cruelty they could avoid. If they did and took Peck's advice to heart, maybe less children would be damaged - sometimes to the point of not being able to function in a healthy & happy way. OTOH, one of Peck's main points is that many of the parents of his patients refused to see what they were doing to their children. An endless cycle through generations - but sometimes it can be stopped, there is hope!