Book Review of Aqua

Author: M. A. George
Book Type: Paperback
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I really enjoyed everything about this book! The main character, Layla, is engaging and interesting. Her love interest, Tristan, is good-looking, mysterious, and romantic. Both are a little goofy around each other: very cute and appealing. Tristan's friends, Pyke & Zría, are an odd brother & sister act that really draws your attention and makes you wonder what they're going to do next. The entire premise of an underwater culture that used to be human but developed differently alongside, and unbeknownst to, their land-dwelling cousins is great, and the story and action barrels along from start to finish.

Budding young adult romance, mystery, sinister friends, breathing underwater, a long-lost father, and the setting on the Texas coast were all elements that kept me reading later into the night than my work schedule needed. I can highly recommend this great start to a new M.A. George series!