Book Review of The Body Farm (Kay Scarpetta, Bk 5)

The Body Farm (Kay Scarpetta, Bk 5)
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So far, this series is getting better with each book as the author progressing in her writing. But, she does need to work on factoid-typos, because in the previous book, her niece was only seventeen. In this one, she's now 21, even though the killer who escaped in the previous book was mentioned as having gone on his spree only 2 years prior. So, either Gault (the killer) went on a 2nd killing spree, or 4 years have actually passed. I wish the author would be consistent, because when a person's reading books back-to-back within a day of each other, things like this get noticed.

As for the drama involving her niece, it's a amazing that a girl who is so smart can be so stupid. It's a little over-dramatic at times, but I suppose it does make for a good side story.

The killer in this one becomes fairly obvious early on, but the fact that they die with Scarpetta in the room is getting redundant for a climactic ending. Especially with the way it's done. The ending just felt rushed, as there was a lot of things happening in a short period of time. The "bad guy" last stand was just a bit too much. The hasty ending makes the reader feel a bit robbed after the rest of the book had been done well and was very interesting.