Book Review of Bread Alone (Bread Alone, Bk 1)

Bread Alone (Bread Alone, Bk 1)
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This book is fantastic. The real life quality to it, even though fiction,is amazing. Tastefully written, the characters are very real. I cannot wait to read The Baker's Apprentice, the same characters and an ongoing saga. The story line, about a rich spoiled 30 something, takes place on the West Coast. She gets dumped by her overly handsome husband and that is where the story takes off. The feelings Wyn experiences are so real and the dialogue and comments/thoughts are witty and hilarious. I would recommend this book to almost anyone, no matter what your tastes are. It is a book you can apply to your life, and learn from it, a stop and smell the roses kind of thing. It has actual recipes for bread, and specific techniques. Don't let that scare you off, it is NOT a cookbook! It will twang at your heartstrings. I don't want to part with it,and still, I want to pass it on to EVERYONE of my reader friends! Very down to earth in writing style, the author makes the characters so REAL, like you are a mouse in the corner of every scene observing. You can feel the rain, sun, cold, wind and smell the smells. It is like you are there. I am SO glad I found it on Paperbook Swap while looking for cookbooks. Read it, you will Love it!!!! Maureen