Book Review of All I Want for Christmas: The Proper Lover / Santa Wears Spurs / Christmas Bonus / A Night with Emily

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I was slightly disappointed in these four stories but it was still a decent read. The theme was second chances.

Eileen Wilks The Proper Lover was probably the best one out of the bunch. This is my first historic romance ( 1807 England) by Wilks but Im a big fan of her lupi series. Emily didnt want to be forced into marriage so she decides to ruin herself with one of the most infamous rakes in town, James. I liked the characters but I thought everything worked out too neatly in the end.

Santa Wears Spurs by Kinley MacGregor was set in the Old West. Catherine meets up with a husband that abandoned her five years ago. Again, interesting characters, but the love scenes seemed a little too forced and actually out of place. In fact, a lot of things seemed out of place in the story. Poorly put together which is very surprising because usually her novels are quite good.

Ive read Lori Fosters Christmas Bonus before in another anthology. It was okay and not really worth a second read. Eric, in the beginning, comes off as a little bit of a dirty old man as he tries to justified to himself that Maggie wasnt too young for him and that he had waited for her to become an adult. Just a little creepy there. But again, not a horrible read but I have read better stuff by her.

I have never read Dee Holmes. A Night with Emily had some great potential but unfortunately the dialogue seemed out of place and the emotions of the characters werent in synced. Some of the scenes and lines were so cheesy that I thought a teenager wrote it. But the premise itself was great, just wished she was a better writer.

Overall, I expected better but it wasnt so horrible that I would tell people to avoid it at all cost.