Book Review of The Clique (Clique, Bk 1)

The Clique (Clique, Bk 1)
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The Clique is a wonderful book describing one new girl's failure to fit in, and the tale of the friendships and problems of the most popular girls in Octavian Country Day, an exclusive girl's private school in New York's glamourous Westchester County. As Massie, queen bee of the 7th grade social scene at OCD, tries to impress her crush, a freshman (OMG!), her father's friend and his family have moved into the guesthouse on her lavish estate, bringing their LBR (Loser Beyond Repair) Daughter Claire, who wears Keds, has no sense of coolness or style, and Massie knows from the very beginning that she will never be a GLU (Girl Like Us). Follow the adventures of the Pretty Committee,( Massie, Dylan, always trying to lose 2 more pounds with her talk-show host mother, Alicia, as much a spanish beauty as she is rich and popular, and Kristen, the smartest, sporty-chic of the group), as they set the trends, find crushes among the hawt Briarwood Academy boys, and show Claire that she will never fit in. A memorable book, The Clique is funny, sad, touching, and a story showing the bitter truth of popularity and "losers" in middle schools. This book is highly recommended, the first in a series, and appropriate for girls ages 10-15.