Book Review of 2031: The Singularity Pogrom

2031: The Singularity Pogrom
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The Domain-led by Dianne Morgan, it seeks to establish a new human race, one that is a blending of man and machine. One of the few people that can stop her is Ray Brown, taken hostage by her and framed for the release of a devastating computer virus. Her plans become endangered when Ray is rescued by enemies of the Domain, based in Africa. Her hopes rise when Rays grandson, Martin, shows an exceptional ability to communicate the artificial intelligence known as Sentinel. Mankinds only hope in stopping Dianne is by destroying Sentinel before she can blend Martin with Sentinel. Time is of the essence and Diannes AI army relentlessly pursues David across the continent, with mankinds future hanging in the balance.

The Singularity Pogrom by Dan Ronco is a technological thriller with few equals. It continues the story started in Peacemaker and continued in Unholy Domain. I would recommend reading those two books first, as they will likely fill in a lot of the back story missing from this third book-I was unaware this was part of a trilogy and thus havent read the first two. In any case, Singularity Pogrom is a highly enjoyable read with an intriguing plot. Mankind has always had a fascination with where the next evolutionary step will take us and this novel offers up one possibility, albeit a rather fantastic one. Fans of science fiction will hungrily devour this novel and will find it difficult to put down once started. I would give this book 5/5 stars without hesitation.