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Book Review of Spectre

Author: David Robbins
Genre: Horror
Book Type: Paperback
Bettyjean avatar reviewed on

If you've ever read a David Robbins book, this is in his standard spooky form. That is, it is more like pulp horror and you don't have to read far to get to the good stuff. The Spectre is about an evil spirit that returns from the dead and wrecks havoc on whomever gets in its path. The main characters are a single mother with children who rent a home where they soon learn was once the home of this "spectre" when he was alive... Unlike an ordinary ghost, the spectre is not bound to just haunt a house - this powerful spirit moves outside freely, can attack in the daylight and because of its strength, leaves plenty of blood & gore behind him.

Personally, I love David Robbins' style of writing, he provides lots of old fashioned chills in every one of his horror books. I think he is one of those writers that are very underrated.

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