Book Review of Animal Dreams

Animal Dreams
Animal Dreams
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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Codi Nolina is a young woman who knows no roots. She never felt like she belonged in the town in which she grew up. She never felt accepted. The only dates she had she felt were not deserved and when she became pregnant she concealed it as best she could. And, she told no one about the baby when she had a miscarriage.

The best thing about her life was her sister, Hallie, with whom she could share almost everything. When she could move away she did and entered medical school to be a doctor like her father. However, almost through that process she quit and began wandering. She lived many places including Crete.

When her father became sick she returned to that small town where she was born. A friend found Codi a job as a teacher. Of course, she had never been a teacher but she would try. Surprisingly, Codi was good at it. The students loved her unorthodox, honest and direct way of teaching. But, hey, it was only a one year contract after which she could leave. Right? Just one little hitch. She began dating the man who as an adolescent had impregnated her. She found an emotion that she wasn't sure was love. At least, this feeling wasn't enough to make her stay or was it?