Book Review of BirthCONTROL: A Husband's Honest Account of Pregnancy

BirthCONTROL: A Husband's Honest Account of Pregnancy
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I received an autographed copy. The envelope it came in had some crayon scribble in the back - Im not sure if this was just a recycled envelope, but I like to think that Little Abby autographed it for me as well. Thanks, Abby :-D

I fell in love with the Vavasour couple - they seem to compliment each other very well. Vavasours account of his and his wifes experiences during their 9 month journey into becoming first-time-parents was absolutely spot on. There were embarrassing moments, tender moments, overwhelming moments of choosing the right person to deliver the baby, what to avoid, frightening stories of women and their birthing experiences, awkward birthing class sessions (my favorite part of the book), etc.

Although this would make a great gift for dads-to-be, you dont have to be one to appreciate it. Moms will benefit from the read as well. With that said, in the effort to inform couples researching the pros and cons of natural child birth vs. epidurals and Pitocin, I offer some info that the author suggests every husband should know about Pitocin and epidurals. If natural delivery is not progressing as quickly as it should, an epidural can be used to help the mother relax. Pitocin can be used to stop the bleeding after the baby has been delivered and the placenta is passed. Both could be used in a last ditch effort to avoid a C-section after all other options have been exhausted; this was especially logical, considering an epidural would be in place once the decision to do a C-section was made anyway.

Happy birthing!