Book Review of The Circle

The Circle
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The dystopian/utopian horrible hybrid I wish I had never wanted to read. I actually listened to it, and I regret the hours of my life I spent hoping May (Mae? Side effect of listening, instead of reading, I have no idea how the main character's name is spelled) would get some common sense in that idealistic head of hers.

Imagine a future where we can know everything about everybody. Pros--no more crime because we can see it before it happens, no more criminals because we systematically hunt them down and turn them over to the authorities. Cons--in the hands of the wrong leader, this can turn into a totalitarian regime. Our main girl May can stop it if she wants to.

A look at the possible consequences of technology. Or the possible benefits. Depends on how you look at it.

I hated it. The only bright side is that I listened to it instead of reading it, thus investing slightly less of my life in this vision.

But the writing was superb, and the vision was flawless. My compliments to Eggers.