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Book Review of Childhood's End

Childhood's End
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Helpful Score: 4

Childhood's End begins much like a lot of alien invasion movies including V and Independence Day, but it has a completely different feel and tone. If the alien invaders are here to destroy us, they are surely taking their time doing it. Why are they here? The novel spans about 150 years. There is little continuity between the characters because the story is that of humanity not of individuals. In some of Clarke's other works like the 2001 series and Against the Fall of Night he explores the future of human evolution and questions whether the stars are for us or not. He asks those same questions in this book although with a bleaker, more final, and somewhat more abstract resolution. This is not my favorite Arthur C. Clarke novel, but it is still an excellent book. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys classic SF and wants to read about alien encounters and humanity's future. This is for anyone who enjoys a little bit of mysticism with their hard science fiction, for anyone who appreciates and respects mystery and awe in the midst of science and logic.