Book Review of Night of the Phantom (Harlequin American Romance, No 398)

Night of the Phantom (Harlequin American Romance, No 398)
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A great Contemporary-Gothic Romance novel by Anne Stuart!

Between dawn and dusk, Ethan Winslowe's weird mansion was as still as a crypt. Beneath its maze of gloomy corridors, its owner slept far from the reach of the sun. As night fell, and fears and phantasms rose to haunt her, Megan Carey was led down to his underground lair -- to dine with a phantom she never saw, who remained a dark shape hidden among the shadows. Reputation had it that Ethan was a genius, madman and monster. And Megan was Ethan's prisoner, held fast by a threat stronger than chains. . .
And by a hunger to know the heat of Ethan's passion, which raged like a fire in the night.